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Sand Painting

I have always been intrigued by the many unique shades of sand in the deserts of the Southwest. Strikingly different tones of reds, golds and whites abound, all of which you can observe in a few miles Years ago driving a newly acquired van from Albuquerque we collected some deep red and golden yellow sand […]

The Year That Was

Hi everyone, I wanted to give you an update on what I have been up to the last year, and what a year it was! Things were made much less difficult with the help and support of our wonderful friends, neighbors, and family. Lots of shared meals, baked goods, boxes of fresh fruit and veggies, […]

Yucatan Mexico

Long ago, 1991, and far away in the Yucatan, Mexico The archaeological sites in the Yucatan that we visited were quite impressive from all perspectives. That includes the narrow tunnel to get to the top of a pyramid in Chichén Itzá that the guide said once in you can’t turn around ! Ha, watch me […]


Inspiring Travels Filitosa is a megalithic site in southern Corsica, France. The period of occupation spans from the end of the Neolithic era and the beginning of the Bronze Age, until around the Roman times in Corsica. The site was discovered in 1946 it is approached down a track through an ancient olive grove. More […]

Greetings from the Garden

Welcome to the latest incarnation of my website. Please be patient as this is an entirely new and different site. I have been painting and engraving on stone for about 15 years now, beginning with a series of architectural studies of the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park.  In January of ’09 I started […]