Greetings from the Garden

Welcome to the latest incarnation of my website. Please be patient as this is an entirely new and different site.

I have been painting and engraving on stone for about 15 years now, beginning with a series of architectural studies of the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park.  In January of ’09 I started a new series of figure studies.

I begin each piece by studying the stones unique colors and surface contours to find just the right fit with the subject.  Often the stone will strongly influence the choice of subject and composition of the piece.  Next I transfer my drawing onto the stone and use an etching stylus to engrave the outlines into the surface.  The final step is using  acrylic paint to fill in details, light and shadow,  giving the subject a sculpted, 3d look.  I sometimes use the stylus and sandpaper to remove paint and highlight the stone surface.

I am really enjoying working with this new technique as it combines my experience with painting and printmaking as well as my love of stone.


Sand Painting

I have always been intrigued by the many unique shades of sand in the deserts of the Southwest. Strikingly different tones of reds, golds and whites abound, all of which you can observe in a few miles Years ago driving a newly acquired van from Albuquerque we collected some deep red and golden yellow sand along the route. I thought I could use it for art projects and indeed I did use them as backgrounds for jewelry displays but recently I took them out of storage and began using them in a series of “Sand Paintings” – in “Mixed Media” on my web site.


At first i used only the red and gold sands then I incorporated a gray sand collected from “Hillside Garden” aka our backyard here in Fairhaven.


Inspiration came from my drawings of numerous rock art, petroglyph, sites and museum displays in New Mexico. After drawing the design on stretched cotton canvas i secure the sand with archival “pva” glue and spray varnish.


I’m pleased with how they are turning out. It has bee a fun challenge to work with a new medium. The finished pieces resemble painted stone which was what i was aiming for.

I had concerns that the sand would not hold to the canvas but after finishing one and dropping it on a hardwood floor – nothing came off !


I am thinking of combining the sands with polymer clay and creating jewelry.


The Year That Was

Hi everyone, I wanted to give you an update on what I have been up to the last year, and what a year it was! Things were made much less difficult with the help and support of our wonderful friends, neighbors, and family. Lots of shared meals, baked goods, boxes of fresh fruit and veggies, and bottles of wine provided much warmth and happiness! Masked and social distanced visits, texts, emails, and phone calls allowed us to share our concerns, happy moments and hopes for the future. I spent a lot of time in our hillside garden (rain or shine) planting veggies and flowers, attending to the fruit trees and grape vines and working on my Bonsai collection. I have around 40 trees in pots now, down from over 100 a few years ago. I deeply appreciate having our outdoor space here, it has been a real sanctuary in these trying times. Keeping busy with my hands in the soil seemed to help keep me calmer and more focused. Of course, I was still thinking about what was happening outside the garden, kept up on the news reports and stayed in touch with family and friends but the fact that this is a global pandemic is an overwhelming reality. At first, I found it difficult to concentrate on my artwork, the inward focus of creating kept bringing up thoughts of fear and despair. I made a few “dark” pieces, photo collages of images relating to the Black Lives Matter Movement, vaccine production plants and a rather ominous figure made from a dried grape vine root covered in mud that looks like it has deep set eyes, a crown of thorns and multiple arms!  An image of nature crucified. My recent work has been more lighthearted! I completed two fantasy landscape pieces using acrylic paint on stone patterned ceramic tiles, a snow and glacier covered mountain scene in acrylic paint on hand engraved slate and started a series of paintings of apple blossoms in acrylic paint on marble. With the lack of gallery sales I was so appreciative to receive several framing and art restoration jobs, many thanks to Allied arts for their referrals and all my friends and collectors. I am so grateful to everyone who has helped me in so many ways over the past year, especially my partner of 40 years, Jim, who is always there to keep the business and household running smoothly!

Yucatan Mexico

Long ago, 1991, and far away in the Yucatan, Mexico

The archaeological sites in the Yucatan that we visited were quite impressive from all perspectives. That includes the narrow tunnel to get to the top of a pyramid in Chichén Itzá that the guide said once in you can’t turn around ! Ha, watch me go. Between that adventure, losing the only key we had to the rental car while swimming at Xel-Há Tulum, having a taxi driver run into our rental car and finally having a camera stolen it was still a most inspiring trip.

Tulum, Uxmal, Cobá, Labná, Templo de los Falos at Uxmal, Chichén Itzá, jungle treks, cenotes, restaurants all good and some better with excellent food at a Club Med then close to Chichén Itzá.

The weather was hot, hot and hot as well as humid but still well worth the visit.

I created two large oils on my return but did not do much on site work while there. Lots of photographs taken before the camera thief struck.

Oil painting of stone sculpture ...